If you're going to do it...do it right.

I grew up on the East Coast in Charlotte, NC. When I started to attend church, I often heard people referring to the church as the "Bible Belt". I didn't quite understand the term until I became more invested in the church, and eventually I realized I lived in the buckle of the belt. 

I often listened to preachers who wore doctoral strips on their robes even though they did not have a doctoral degree. I have heard the infamous "God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve". I have heard that those who go to seminary are not equipped to preach the Gospel and that they are wrong in the interpretation of the Holy Scriptures. I have seen ordained women called evangelist and their male counterparts Reverend. I have seen women not allowed to sit in the pulpit with the men who were adorned in beautiful cufflinks and shiny shoes. You know what? If you are going to use the Bible, use it correctly.

Even though I thought I have heard it all and experienced what I listed above, now the government (not the first time) is using the Holy Scriptures to justify separating babies and children from their mothers at the bounder. Didn't America and plantation preachers justify that behavior with chattel slavery?

The gospel I preach and what we embrace here at St. John the Evangelist is love and shalom for all people. I say to anyone, if you are going to use the Bible to justify monstrosities, and if you will not correctly interpret Holy Scriptures, do us all a favor, and quit. The world is difficult enough. Oh, by the way, I am seminary trained.