Glorious Grass

Spring is in the air, and it is time to mow the lawn again. I enjoy beautiful grass, especially a manicured yard.  Last year I had our front yard and backyard thatched, aeriated, and reseeded.  I really wanted a great looking yard.  The lawn guy told me that the yard would look bad that season, and I had to wait a year to see the results of that year's lawn care.   That was hard to accept because I wanted the new grass to grow the current year.  Fast forward 12 months later.  The grass is glorious!  I mowed it for the first time two weeks ago.  I noticed the bag was a little heavier because of the increase in grass clippings. I also noticed several days later that I needed to cut the grass again over the weekend.  But wait, I wanted to take a nap and catch up on some reading.

Now as I cut the grass and make several extra trips to the debris recycle can to emptying the grass clippings, I remember that I asked God for a nice green lawn.  God fulfilled my request with the gift of beautiful grass. It is my responsibility to care for that gift.

How often do was ask God for something, and then forget what we had asked for or not truly understanding the impact of our request? I also wonder if we are asking for what we truly need or if what we are requesting from God is what God believes we need.   One of the collects at the prayers in the Book of Common Prayers says, " Almighty God, to whom our needs are known before ask, help us to ask only what accords with your will; and those good things which we dare not, or in our blindness cannot ask, grant us for the sake of your Son Jesus Christ our lord." (BCP, p. 394-395) Whether we are asking for a good doctor's report, better health, world peace or a green lawn, God hears us and responds. God might not come when we want God to come, but God is always on time.

May you have a blessed springtime!

Your pastor,