Expectate: Await to God's presence here and now

Waiting is not a hopeless passive outlook.  We wait in line to purchase movie and concert tickets; to receive medical test results; in the cell phone parking lot to pick up family and friends at the airport. Although we might get impatient during the waiting, we expect a good outcome.  We don't have to wait too long to warm our food because of the microware.  I will make the leap and say we don't have to wait for many things any more. Remember how you used to wait to get a letter before email?

Because we live in a "right now" world, it might be more difficult for us to wait when it appears that God is taking God’s sweet time to respond to our request and needs. Simone Weil, a 20th century mystic wrote, "Waiting patiently-in expectation-is the foundation of the spiritual life." How is your foundation?