It's Okay to Take a Break

Burn out occurs in every profession. I don't care how superhuman we think we are, everyone needs a little time away to reflect, and "chill-out". I bring this up because I am taking time to chill-out and to renew.  Time off for physicians, surgeons, and nurses is mandatory.  Would you want an ER surgeon who has worked over 12 hours straight without a break operating on you? I didn't think so. The same with clergy.  Can we really do effective ministry if we are tired and drained? Nope. Like surgeons, we need breaks too.  Congregants, urge your clergy to take their vacations, and small "mental health" breaks. And clergy, remember congregants can live without you for several days, and they don't want to live with you when you haven't had a break.

I'm taking my break. Peace.