The Brokenness of Humanity

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Several days ago, the church received an email from an anonymous writer and bogus email address.  The message read “I am very upset that two services are not being offered. I will be contacting higher powers. I guess thats why blacks shouldn't run churches."  I bring this darkness to light and decided to talk about it because this person's cowardly actions remind us of the brokenness of humanity. The reality is no one is immune to hatred. Unfortunately, as an African American woman from Charlotte, NC, I experience, understand, and deal with racism, bigotry, prejudice, and the effects of white privilege daily.  This is not my first rodeo. On a daily basis, I as well as other minorities experience micro-aggressions that are similar to the process of "death by a thousand cuts".  

If you are saying to yourself, "this shouldn't happen in the church!" I suggest you move on and put your focus on Jesus Christ.   In the words of a dear friend who is an Episcopal priest, "The Church is perfect; the people in it are not."  We do not know if the email came from within the congregation or not. The point is we are all broken people, and I think evil prevails when we act on our brokenness in ways that hurt other people.  Our brokenness comes from many places; painful and abusive childhoods, abrasive relationships, fear of the other, greed, jealously, missed opportunities, regret.  I could list a million things but I think you get my point.  We come to St. John the Evangelist to worship God, and to stand together like we did last Sunday to say racist comments and behaviors are not allowed and will not be tolerated in our church. If you need healing, and hope look to Jesus Christ, because hatred is not the way.

 I am proud of St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church. And in the words of Mr. T from the television show A-Team, "I pity the fool" who sent that email because it is between that person and God.  God will take care of it.